NewsBig Brother Winners Ranked from Best to Worst

Big Brother Winners Ranked from Best to Worst

– The list compiles 23 best to worst Big Brother winners
– Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling are in the top two spots
– The most recent winner, Cody Calafiore, is placed 7th in the ranking

The reality TV show ‘Big Brother’ is no stranger to memorable moments and captivating gameplay. One dedicated fan compiled a list ranking the best and worst winners of this iconic game from seasons 1 to 22, highlighting how they outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted their fellow contestants.

The top spot goes to Will Kirby from season 2, a player many believe to be the best of the best. Known as “Dr. Will,” Kirby is praised for his manipulative abilities and social gameplay, setting the stage for future Big Brother winners. Coming in at a close second is Dan Gheesling from season 10. Despites his ruthlessness in the game, fans respect his strategic prowess, going so far as to say “Few could ever hope to reach the level of pure, unadulterated, and somehow almost totally unopposed villainy of Dan Gheesling.”

The most recent winner, Cody Calafiore from season 22, ranks as the 7th best winner on the list. His gameplay is described as “on-point” and he particularly impresses with his ability to make crucial alliances. The bottom two spots are occupied by Eddie McGee from season 1 and Adam Jasinski from season 9, both are criticized for lack of strategic skills and their gameplay.

This comprehensive list of Big Brother winners demonstrates the wide variety of gameplay styles that have proven successful in the game, ranging from manipulative tactics to strategic alliances.

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