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Best TV Shows to Write an Essay About: A Comprehensive Guide to the Small Screen

Best TV Shows to Write an Essay About: A Comprehensive Guide to the Small Screen
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The invention of the television completely revolutionized our ways of entertainment. From its introduction in 1927, its audiovisual storytelling format captivated many, appealing to the human senses in ways never imagined. As the popularity of TV grew, creators took the opportunity to grace our screens with a vast array of genres, spanning from gripping dramas, adventure series, and mythical journeys to hilarious comedies, keeping us engaged and entertained. And as TV sets became cheaper and more accessible, they connected the world, turning it into one big village where people could easily experience cultures and perspectives abroad without leaving their homes. However, all materials on our screens are not worth writing about. Others aren’t even worth a recommendation. In this piece, we’ll explore some winning TV shows to write an essay about. So, grab your notebook and ride along!   

TV Shows to Write About and Their Cultural Impact

Have you ever wondered why producers work so hard and spend so much money to create and stream TV shows? You’re not alone. While many consider the programs a primary entertainment source, their role transcends that simplistic view. TV shows play a critical role in our society. Their influence affects all facets of our lives. However, it’s their impact on our cultures, social norms, and society in general that are more evident.  

To begin with, TV shows serve as a mirror, reflecting and shaping our values, beliefs, and behaviors. No matter how creative a program is, it can’t be based on “nothingness.” Even the SCI-FI and mythical series borrow from society, building their characters to reflect our history, present, and probable future. Watching a show like The Wire opens your eyes to the realities of drug abuse and dealings in the USA, especially in Baltimore. While viewing series like 24 and Designated Survivor reinforces our beliefs in patriotism and upholding the rule of law. If these aren’t enough to write about a TV show in an essay, I don’t know what is.   

Additionally, play a significant role in shaping our perspectives on social issues, politics, the economy, and personal relationships. You can’t view friendships in the same way after watching “Friends.” Your understanding of politics and its intricate games will also change after watching the House of Cards and Game of Thrones. While some people blame Blacks for their economic situations, watching The Wire might change their minds as it highlights the underlying structural issues that make it hard for them to break the vicious circle of poverty. Its captivating narratives and relatable characters broke the fallacies, changing many people’s perspectives of the social issues in America.  

Moreover, TV shows continue to influence and spark music, fashion, and other lifestyle trends. For example, after the famous movie Finding Nemo, the demand for wild clownfish skyrocketed, pushing the species to the brink of extinction in its native habitats, such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. And let’s not forget the influence of Stranger Things on the demand for Eggo Waffles.   

Lastly, TV shows provide a platform for underrepresented voices –minorities- and promote diversity and inclusivity. For example, Hollywood increasingly gives a voice to the minority and special categories, e.g., black main actors and other people of color. The movies Moana, Black Panther, and Michiko and Hatchin are just a few examples.

From Characters to Themes: The 6 Top TV Shows to Write an Essay About

With so many great TV shows to choose from, what qualifies one for essay writing? If you love watching series, this can be one of the most challenging questions to answer. However, our choice of the best TV shows to write about has been influenced by a few factors: compelling storytelling, plot twists, thought-provoking themes, solid societal insights, and impactful characters. Overall, it was about leaving an impression.  

Breaking Bad

Is there a show that has done drug dealing a favor like this one? We doubt it. Mr. White, a high school chemistry teacher, transforms from an innocent professional suffering from cancer to a deadly drug dealer manufacturing top-rated methamphetamine right before our eyes. The moral complexities presented in the show are mind-blowing. Not to mention the character development.

Designated Survivor

Consider this show if you want a perfect TV show to write essays about. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the USA, the world has been alert to similar or worse events. This series captures how acts of terrorism and saboteur can completely alter a country’s leadership’s direction. The twists and turns in the show provide innumerable themes to explore in an essay. If you have any difficulties creating a relevant topic or backing up your claims, don’t hesitate to contact CustomWritings for essay help and a reasonable quote. It’s a trustworthy writing service with years of experience in movie reviews.   

The Wire

This is hands-down our pick for the best TV show ever produced. Unlike your traditional series filled with graphics and CGI, the show differs. We strongly believe no series is more realistic in analyzing the social, political, and economic issues affecting society. Set in Baltimore, it explores the interconnectedness of law enforcement, drug trade, and city institutions with award-winning acts.

Game of Thrones

The world stood still for a moment as Game of Thrones aired on HBO. No other TV show has pulled many people and created many conversations and reactions online. It’s hard to tell if it was about its sacrificing of major characters, dramatic plot twists, or superior acting. Nevertheless, Game of Thrones excelled at examining the themes of power, politics, and morality.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things couldn’t have come at a better time. This supernatural thriller is set in the 1980s when government operations were opaque, and conspiracy theories reigned. Its subtle and family-centric approach to examining the themes of friendship, loyalty, and government machination makes it one of the best TV shows for students. The show’s nostalgic appeal, added to its great acting, makes it memorable and suitable for education.  

Black Mirror

This is a relatively new show whose first episode was produced in 2011. While many series create episodes to build upon each other, the Black Mirrors’ were written independently, exploring a diversity of genres. Even though they seem everywhere, they’re centered around the dark side of technology and its impact on society. It’s one of the most relevant TV shows to this generation.

Watch to Learn, Develop, and Write Better!

TV shows remain one of the most significant sources of entertainment for many. They take us on magical journeys filled with critical life lessons and enjoyment. While some are relatable and inspirational, others are downright funny. But don’t confuse them for sources of entertainment alone; they play a critical role in shaping our lives and societies. If watched keenly, you can learn many lessons not taught in your classroom. Their diverse themes, plots, and styles provide enough materials to write about. While our list contains good TV shows to write a paper on, you can always explore others to develop solid arguments.

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