NewsBelow Deck Down Under: Luke Jones Fired for Sexual Harassment, Margot Sisson...

Below Deck Down Under: Luke Jones Fired for Sexual Harassment, Margot Sisson Releases Statement

– Luke Jones faced inappropriate behavior allegations from crew member Margot Sisson
– Maritime law requires an investigation on claims of sexual harassment
– Jones denies the accusations; Sisson appreciates the support she received

In the upcoming reality television show ‘Below Deck: Down Under’, allegations of sexual harassment have been brought forward by crew member Margot Sisson against first officer Luke Jones. Following these accusations, maritime law requires that a thorough investigation be conducted, which resulted in Jones losing his job. However, despite the consequences faced by Jones, he vigorously continues to deny any claims of wrongdoing.

Sisson, on the other hand, has expressed gratitude to those who have supported her. Through a statement she made on Instagram, Sisson discusses the challenges she faced when speaking up against the harassment and says, “every part of me wanted to quit, but I am so proud of myself.” In her message, Margot also points to the lack of understanding and practice regarding sexual harassment policies in the maritime industry and aims to raise awareness about the need to prevent such misconduct.

Jones rebuts the accusations, categorically denying involvement in any inappropriate behavior. Meanwhile, Bravo and production company 51 Minds stated that they take any allegations of wrongdoing very seriously and are committed to ensuring a safe work environment for everyone. In response to the accusations, they also emphasized that they “fully support our strong female crew members who come forward and share their stories.”

As one of the conditions mandated by maritime law, an investigation into whether the vessel could continue to operate without the accused was conducted. It concluded that the show could go on without Jones’ presence, resulting in his dismissal from the program.

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