NewsAre Live Hosted Television Shows the Next Step for Streaming Platforms?

Are Live Hosted Television Shows the Next Step for Streaming Platforms?

Are Live Hosted Television Shows the Next Step for Streaming Platforms?
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The battle between television streaming services is heating up, and the intense competition is clearly benefiting end users. Not only has the war between Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime led to discounts in subscription fees, but it has also brought about an influx of high-quality programming including The Witcher, House of the Dragon, and Rings of Power.

The brains behind these platforms are constantly looking for new ways to gain an advantage, and the next stage could be to focus on live streaming. This is a platform that has been revolutionary in the online casino industry, and one that could easily be replicated on streaming services.

Live Streaming was a Revolutionary Advancement in the Casino Sector

The online casino industry is one of the internet’s most booming sectors, and states that it will be worth more than $153 billion by 2028. This form of gaming ballooned thanks to developers creating offerings to a wide range of people, along with bringing the real-world casino experience to players in their homes. Advances in technology have enabled them to generate truly immersive experiences now, and players can’t get enough of them.

Live streaming has been one of the biggest developments to ever hit the online casino industry. It’s one of the most popular ways to play now, and classic games like roulette have been completely revitalized. For example, at, there are more than 20 unique live-streaming roulette games to choose from. These include French Gold Roulette, American Roulette, and Grand Casino Roulette. It’s clear that live streaming has been a revolutionary inclusion of online casinos, and it has pushed the industry forward massively.

Streaming Services Starting to Include Some Live Options

The concept of streaming services has always been that they provide viewers with the freedom to watch films and television series whenever they want. People are no longer ruled by television schedules, having to fit their lives around the various programs they enjoy. Therefore, live offerings haven’t been used much on these platforms up to this point. However, after seeing the success of live streaming at online casinos, companies like Netflix may need to reconsider their approach.

There are already some live offerings available on certain television platforms. For instance, Amazon Prime has ventured into the world of sports and now has exclusive access to some Premier League games. It supplements this with numerous documentaries based on the sport, with the All or Nothing series regarded by as one of the best around.

Sports are clearly Amazon’s niche, and its streaming platform is ruling the roost now in that genre. Other services could opt for something different, though. For example, at live casinos, game shows have proven to be hugely popular. If a streaming service was able to offer something similar that engaged audiences, it could be a hit.

The online casino industry provides great insight into what works and what doesn’t in the entertainment industry. It’s clear that the integration of live streaming is one of the best things it has done. Netflix and others should take note of this and use it for their platforms as well.

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