NewsAnd Just Like That: Carrie and Aidan's Missing Virginia Scene

And Just Like That: Carrie and Aidan’s Missing Virginia Scene

  • Confusion arose about Aiden’s role in “And Just Like That” due to an unaired scene involving him, Carrie, and an old woman named Virginia
  • John Corbett’s absence in Episode 5 was because of the series’ timeline
  • The unaired scene was cut due to the way Aiden’s character was portrayed in it

Fans of “And Just Like That” were left puzzled when a scene involving Aiden, Carrie, and an elderly woman named Virginia was not shown in Episode 5. According to Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, author of “Sex and the City and Us” and close associate of the series, the missing scene caused confusion about John Corbett’s role in the series.

Armstrong explained the timeline of the series, stating that Aiden was supposed to appear in New York between episodes 4 and 5; however, he was in Abu Dhabi for filming commitments. In an interview with the “Ghosts of Hollywood” podcast, Armstrong revealed that Aiden’s character was given a strange storyline in this missing scene, which may have led to its decision to be cut from the show.

The unshown scene featured Carrie in New York, with Aiden and Virginia worrying about her well-being. Carrie sees Aiden and Virginia embracing each other, and Aiden tells Carrie that she means more to him than Virginia. The scene would have been one of the few times Aiden was meant to be on the screen, but the way his character was portrayed in the scene may have led the creators to cut it out of the final series.

Despite the confusion and rumors around Aiden’s role in the new series, his absence in Episode 5 has now been clarified as a matter of scheduling and storyline.

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