NewsAlyson Hannigan reveals Cobie Smulders' reaction to her Dancing with the Stars...

Alyson Hannigan reveals Cobie Smulders’ reaction to her Dancing with the Stars participation and discusses HIMYM

– Alyson Hannigan admits she would have wanted to be on Dancing With the Stars
– Hannigan is a big fan of the show and her former HIMYM co-star Cobie Smulders recently competed
– Hannigan says she would have “loved” to join the show, even ten years ago

Alyson Hannigan, best known for her roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother, recently expressed her desire to have been a part of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). She shared her thoughts in an interview while discussing her former HIMYM co-star Cobie Smulders’ recent stint on the popular dance competition.

In the interview, Hannigan revealed she is a big fan of DWTS and would have been thrilled to be a contestant on the show. “I would have loved that,” she said. “That would have been so fun. I would have loved to have done that 10 years ago.”

Moreover, Hannigan showed great support for her friend and co-star, recognizing the challenges Smulders faced during the show. She mentioned that dancing is a difficult task, saying, “I’m just so proud of her because it’s really, really hard.”

Despite her enthusiasm, the actress does not think she would fare well on the show, saying, “I don’t think I could ever impress to be a professional dancer in any way, shape or form. That ship has sailed.”

Fans of Alyson Hannigan may be disappointed to hear that she would not participate in Dancing with the Stars, but it is clear that she appreciates the art of dance and has great respect for its practitioners.

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