NewsAidan's Jacket in "And Just Like That" Explained by John Corbett

Aidan’s Jacket in “And Just Like That” Explained by John Corbett

– John Corbett revealed that his character Aidan Shaw wears the same jacket across different episodes in the show
– Corbett claims the jacket was bought in Morocco and is over 20 years old
– The actor emphasized that the jacket has sentimental value, making it a fitting wardrobe piece for his character

In the American television series “And Just Like That…”, actor John Corbett has revealed that his character, Aidan Shaw, consistently wears a single jacket across various episodes. Having bought the distinctive piece of clothing in Morocco over 20 years ago, Corbett considers it particularly fitting for his on-screen persona.

Speaking to the press, Corbett shared his enthusiasm for Aidan’s unique and memorable wardrobe habit. He explained that the jacket came into his life right before he began filming the second season of “Sex and the City,” and since then, it has become an integral part of his portrayal of Aidan Shaw, serving as a visual expression of the character’s personality and style.

According to the actor, he and the show’s producers have been in full agreement about incorporating the aged Moroccan jacket into Aidan’s wardrobe. Corbett believes that the piece carries a personal history and sentimental value, which his character would naturally appreciate and embrace – reinforcing Aidan Shaw’s image as a romantic, well-traveled man with a strong sentimental side.

Not only does the jacket make an appearance in the HBO Max series, but it also graced the silver screen in one of the “Sex and the City” films. Through its repeated presence, Aidan Shaw’s clothing choice has taken on deeper significance and become a recognizable part of the character’s dynamic evolution.

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