NewsAdrian Peterson's controversial casting on Dancing With the Stars, partner Sharna Burgess...

Adrian Peterson’s controversial casting on Dancing With the Stars, partner Sharna Burgess addresses the issue

– Adrian Peterson participates in Dancing with the Stars despite his suspension from NFL due to child abuse charges
– Sharna Burgess, Peterson’s professional dance partner, posts a controversial Instagram photo of the duo, receiving massive backlash
– Burgess defends the Instagram post and encourages people to judge Peterson based on his growth and change

Adrian Peterson, a former professional National Football League (NFL) player, and his dance partner, Sharna Burgess, are causing controversy due to a recent Instagram post and their involvement in ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars competition. Peterson has previously been suspended from the NFL for child abuse charges after he admitted to ‘whooping’ his young son in 2014.

The controversy began when Burgess posted a picture on Instagram of her and Peterson in which she referred to their partnership as a “beautiful journey.” Her post received massive backlash, with many expressing their discontent with Peterson’s participation in the show.

Responding to the controversy, Adrian Peterson posted a statement on his Instagram, highlighting his past actions and subsequent suspension from the NFL. Peterson mentions that he has paid the consequences for his actions and has been working on being a better person, father, and man.

In a follow-up Instagram post, Sharna Burgess defended her initial post by stating, “I never condone anything that hurts a child, any kind of abuse in any form. Balancing [the] love I have for someone who has never shown me that side of them (Peterson), and acknowledging that they (Peterson) have their dark demons in their past, has been challenging.”

Burgess went on to say that people should judge Peterson based on his growth, change, and current actions rather than his past. Furthermore, she emphasized that she has not forgotten his past actions but hopes people can recognize his growth and give him another chance.

In conclusion, the participation of Adrian Peterson and Sharna Burgess in ABC’s Dancing with the Stars has stirred up controversy. While some people believe it’s an opportunity for Peterson to showcase his growth and change, others are not ready to forgive or overlook his past actions. It remains to be seen whether the controversy will impact their performance on the show.

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