NewsABC in Sale Talks with Byron Allen, FX and National Geographic Channels...

ABC in Sale Talks with Byron Allen, FX and National Geographic Channels Involved in Disney Discussions

ABC possibly being sold by Disney
– Byron Allen’s production company potentially emerging as buyer
– Disney might also sell FX and National Geographic in upcoming package

Disney is reportedly considering selling the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), with media mogul Byron Allen’s entertainment company, Allen Media Group, emerging as the potential buyer. Additionally, the deal could include Disney-owned cable channels FX and National Geographic.

This development comes as a result of the growing success and focus on Disney’s streaming services, such as Disney+. The growth of these platforms has led to a shift away from traditional television networks, including ABC.

Over the past few years, Disney has expanded its streaming services, including the acquisition of Fox in 2019, which included properties such as FX and National Geographic. The streaming giant is currently prioritizing the ESPN arm of their business, with the soon-to-be launched ESPN+ platform.

Byron Allen’s business empire, which includes The Weather Channel and several regional sports networks, has demonstrated interest in purchasing large media assets over the years. In 1999, Allen stated, “One day I will own one of the networks” in an interview.

Though the possibility of Allen’s company buying ABC is certainly noteworthy, nothing has been confirmed or announced yet. The potential deal, which could include FX and National Geographic alongside ABC, would represent a significant shift in the media landscape.

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