News"A League of Their Own" Season 2 Renewal Reversed, Amazon Cancels Show

“A League of Their Own” Season 2 Renewal Reversed, Amazon Cancels Show

  • Amazon has cancelled the series ‘A League of Their Own’ unexpectedly, reversing its Season 2 renewal decision made in January.
  • It is speculated that the reversal may be due to production delays and budgetary concerns.
  • Subtitles were also reportedly scrubbed from IMDbPro, indicating the breakdown of the project.

Despite initially announcing the renewal of the series ‘A League of Their Own’ for a second season in January, Amazon has unexpectedly decided not to move forward with the project. The TV adaptation of the 1992 film was also originally given a two-season order, but now has been cancelled.

While no reason has been provided for the change, the decision might be a result of production delays and budgetary concerns. The show, which featured a prequel, was set to start filming the second season in spring, but it got pushed to the summer. This could have posed a conflict for its ensemble cast members, who may have had scheduling difficulties.

Moreover, there has been a notable change on IMDbPro, as subtitles have been scrapped from the platform. This could serve as an indicator of how the project broke down and implies that Season 1 might not even be released. It remains uncertain whether the streaming giant will proceed with the remaining episodes of the first season or hold off indefinitely.

No official statement has been released by Amazon, nor by the show’s creators─ Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham─regarding the cancellation. The original TV adaptation received mixed critical responses but was lauded for the talent of the ensemble cast.

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