911 Season 8 Renewed by ABC: New Episodes Confirmed

No emergency here, folks. 9-1-1 just got the green light for Season 8 over at ABC. We heard the news and just had to share.

March 14 was a big day. The show, originally from Fox, made a splash on ABC with 4.9 million viewers tuning in live. That’s a 5% jump from its previous average. Pretty neat, huh?

And guess what? The audience kept growing. The next two weeks saw numbers like 5.4 million and then 5.5 million viewers. The latter number? It’s as big as the crowd they pulled for the Season 4 finale back in May 2021.

Here’s a fun fact. Among all the shows ABC has aired this TV season, 9-1-1 is topping the charts. It’s the most-watched series, trailing just behind giants like The Bachelor, Dancing With the Stars, and The Golden Bachelor. And we’re talking a 0.56 demo rating here.

The cast? Stellar. Angela Bassett shines as Athena Grant, with Peter Krause by her side as Bobby Nash. Oliver Stark brings Evan “Buck” Buckley to life, with Aisha Hinds, Kenneth Choi, Ryan Guzman, Gavin McHugh, and Jennifer Love Hewitt rounding out the team.

New episodes of 9-1-1 hit ABC every Thursday at 8/7c. They’re the perfect lead-in to new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19. Oh, and get this – the 100th episode features a crossover with The Bachelor. The 118 team responds to an emergency at the reality show’s iconic mansion. April 4 is the date to mark.

So, how’s the ABC era treating you? Drop a comment with your thoughts on Season 7 so far. We’re all ears.

And hey, if you’re looking for more shows to binge, ABC’s got an A-to-Z list of over 300 scripted series. Just saying, it might be worth a peek.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
Mason Messick is a writer and television enthusiast. He has been covering the world of TV for 5 years and has a particular passion for drama series. Mason's engaging writing style has made him a valuable member of the Tonight.TV website team.


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