News5 Telltale Signs a Movie is a Hit

5 Telltale Signs a Movie is a Hit

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There are thousands of movies released each year. But, of course, the vast majority of them disappear just as fast as they arrive. There are a few that make a profit, while others receive such negative reviews that they’re what we call “a flop.” But then there are movies that achieve success. These do more than turn a profit; they become part of popular culture, becoming well-known, beloved films for years on end.

It’s hard to predict which movies will do well. There have been those that were expected to do well that barely caused a splash, while other, low-key productions became surprise hits. So how can we tell which movies are hits? Let’s take a look at some telltale signs. 

There’s a Movement 

You can tell when a movie is going to be big if there’s enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the release. Of course, studies work hard to promote their creations. That’s not what we mean. We mean when people have seen the picture and begin talking about it. This could be in the press or among your friend group. The vast majority of movies find their success from word of mouth. If you’re hearing multiple people tell you to see a film, then you know it’s on its way to becoming part of popular culture. 

It Becomes a Franchise

If a movie works once, why not do it all over again? There have been films that were supposed to have sequels, but because the initial production did so poorly, those plans were scrapped. On the other hand, you have those that were supposed to be standalone features, but due to the popularity of the movie, the studio decided to make more and turn them into a franchise. Not all sequels turn out to be successful, but when they do, they can transform the movie industry. 

There’s Spin-Off Media

Fans of a movie will often look for spin-off media relating to it. And studios and other producers are more than willing to meet the demand. If a movie is a flop, then it’s highly unlikely that anyone would make an effort to create related games, books, and so forth. If, however, it is successful, then you’ll find plenty of content to satisfy fans, who can use an introductory slots deal to play a spins game based on the movie, buy the original soundtrack to listen to at home, or invest in a full title PS5 or Xbox game. Once a film has all of these related offerings, then you’ll know that it’s a monster hit. 

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It Launches a Career

A big movie won’t just delight fans. It can launch the career of the next Hollywood star. We tend to think of giant cinema stars as just existing, but if you take a look back at their careers, you’ll find that there was one big movie that capitulated them to stardom. Al Pacino became an international superstar after The Godfather. E.T. launched the career of Drew Barrymore. Splash gave the world the talent of Tom Hanks. And while Leonardo Dicaprio had been in many movies before Titanic, it was that release that turned him into an A-lister, a position that he’s never left. 

Critics and Audiences Love It 

Finally, there’s the matter of opinion. There are movies that audiences love, but that critics dislike (and vice versa). However, if both audiences and professional reviewers like a film, then you’ll know that it’s on its way to becoming an all-time classic, especially if it’s backed by the Hollywood promotion machine. And if it can snag an Oscar or two, then it’ll become one of those movies that we talk about for many years to come. 

Smash-hit movies are a rare breed. Only a handful come along each decade. The next time you see a cinematic work with all of the above, you’ll know that another has arrived. 

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