News15 Iconic Quotes We All Know and Love From Our Favorite Sitcoms

15 Iconic Quotes We All Know and Love From Our Favorite Sitcoms

15 Iconic Quotes We All Know and Love From Our Favorite Sitcoms
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There’s something particularly comforting about watching a TV series you’ve already watched before, and studies have shown that indulging in re-runs of your favorite TV show is good for you. Of course, every long-running series isn’t complete without an absolutely iconic quote you’d be able to recognize in a heartbeat – a little bit of a series catchphrase we might say?

There’s nothing much like that feeling of reliving some of the best moments in sitcom history. Very few things come close to watching reruns and giving us that nostalgic feel – perhaps stumbling upon a good online slot on NoDepositWorld with loads of US no deposit free spins comes close, but we digress.  

Here are some of the 15 most classic quotes from some of our favorite TV shows, some of which we work into everyday conversation without even knowing – let’s take a look. 

1. The Simpsons: ‘D’oh!’

Kicking off in the late 80s and never looking back, the Simpsons is one of the most easily recognizable cartoons that satirizes the life of a highly dysfunctional American family. Making its debut right in the first episode, Homer’s ‘d’oh!’ has left its indelible print in pop culture history with many of us using it whenever we accidentally do something silly. This rising popularity caused the Oxford English Dictionary to include it as of 1998. 

2. Friends: ‘We Were on a Break!’

Now if you’ve ever watched Friends it’s pretty hard to pick one iconic quote, but it’s many fans would agree that this is one the most popular. Originating in episode 15 in the third season, ‘we were on a break,’ represents one of the most heated arguments between Ross and Rachel that will eventually turn into one of the most used running gags throughout the show. In terms of who was right and who wasn’t, the jury is definitely still out on this one. 

3. Parks & Recreation: ‘Treat Yo’ Self’

The politically inspired satirical mocumentary follows the life of Leslie Knope and her colleagues at the Indiana Parks and Recreation Dept. Once again, this comedy show is sprinkled with several iconic lines but one of our favorites is Aziz Ansari’s ‘treat yo’self’ that’s so classic its now a standard internet catchphrase – anyone adding a hashtag to that?

4. Dexter: ‘Surprise, Motherf*****’

America’s favorite serial killer goes by the name of Dexter and this show focuses on how he solves crimes by day and commits others at night. Becoming an instant meme, this memorable line was delivered by James Doakes played by Erik King during one of the most outstanding moments on the show – season seven, episode 12 to be precise. 

5. Game of Thrones: ‘You Know Nothing Jon Snow’

Now this line came in close with ‘winter is coming’ first delivered by Ned Stark in the classic interpretation of fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin that we all know and love (apart from the final seasons perhaps). This line, however, delivered by Ygritte played by Rosie Leslie definitely made its way into everyday conversation faster, with the internet backing this humorously classic moment in several ways. 

6. South Park: ‘OMG, They Killed Kenny!’

If you’ve ever watched the animated show that deals with a group a highly erratic American community located in South Park, Colorado, then you’re familiar with this line and the one that follows. Originally uttered by Stan in South Park’s debut episode with Kyle immediately retorting ‘you bast***s’. This line went on to become the signature tagline of the show, with the situation repeating itself in almost every other episode, with Kenny constantly being killed in super creative ways and reappearing in the next episode as though nothing ever happened. 

7. Narcos: ‘Plata o Plomo?’

Narcos is sprinkled with so many good quotes picking one was definitely hard, but nothing quite epitomizes the tyranny of the notorious Pablo Escobar than ‘plata o plomo?’ that translates to ‘silver or lead?’ This famous quote is one that’s said to have been used in the streets of Medellin whenever the drug lord required striking a ‘deal’ with law enforcement or government officials amongst others, essentially offering a bribe or a bullet.  

8. Star Trek: ‘Live Long and Prosper’

Now even if you’ve never watched this series there’s absolutely no way you haven’t heard of the phrase ‘live long and prosper’. Uttered by the almighty Spock from Leonard Nimoy’s universe, this quote immediately made its way into pop culture with slogans still being printed on t-shirts and other merchandise decades later. 

9. The Big Bang Theory: ‘Bazinga’

And speaking of Spock, there’s absolutely no way we couldn’t include The Big Bang Theory in today’s collection of quotes with Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons using this made-up word in season two for the first time, explaining that it was something he used to signify whatever he just said should be taken as a joke. This phrase gets re-used a lot during the show making it one of the most classic gag phrases known to fans. 

10. Who Wants To Be a Millionaire: ‘Is That Your Final Answer?’

Even though we might not immediately associate ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ with tv series, there’s no shadow of a doubt that this was one of the most successful long-standing tv shows of all times. The classic ‘is that your final answer?’ was first asked by Regis Philbin and has since then become a show staple that has lived on for generations. 

11. The X-Files: ‘The Truth Is Out There’

What started out as a simple tagline slowly evolved into the show’s most memorable line, with the moody Fox Mulder played by David Duchovny first mentioning it on the show. The X-Files is about a team of FBI special agents dedicating their life to prove the existence of alien life – and encountering a substantial amount of it along the way which ties back to this full-circle moment – the truth is definitely out there. 

12. The Office: ‘That’s What She Said’

Even though The Office stopped filming almost a decade ago, it remains one of the most popular TV shows of all times, with so many classic quotes it would require an article all to itself to even brush the surface. Nevertheless, this line delivered by Michael Scott played by Steve Carell is constantly reused throughout the series, usually with the intention to turn a mundane phrase into something a little spicier. 

13. Breaking Bad: ‘I Am the One Who Knocks’

Now Walter White, the main protagonist in Breaking Bad portrayed by Bryan Cranston is known for his long and elaborate speeches throughout the show, but this one is definitely one of the most famous lines out there, especially after being used as part of a fundraising activity by Samuel L. Jackson – ‘I am the danger’. 

14. Stranger Things: ‘She’s Our Friend and She’s Crazy’

No truer words have ever been uttered by Dustin played by Gaten Matarazzo during the sixth episode when Eleven saves him and his buddy Mike from a gang of bullies urging them to jump off a cliff. This memorable moment marks the first time the boys acknowledge their friendship with Eleven, a lost girl they had found in the woods a couple of weeks back.

15. The Sopranos: ‘Waste Management Consultant’

It’s kind of an open secret that Tony Soprano’s full time occupation includes being a mafia boss, but like many real-life criminals he too has a day job that allows him to appear legitimate. In this case, when questioned about his occupation he’s quick to reply ‘waste management consultant’ a line, which Tony played by the late James Gandolfini will repeat several times throughout this ultra classic series. 

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