Movies10 Lives: Release Date, Plot, Reviews & Details

10 Lives: Release Date, Plot, Reviews & Details

10 Lives dvd release date
10 Lives is an animation movie directed by Christopher Jenkins, Mark Koetsier and stars Simone Ashley, Bill Nighy, and Jeremy Swift. The film had a solid budget with a 78-minute running time. 10 Lives currently has a N/A out of 10 IMDb rating, garnering over N/A user votes.

The movie premiere is in August. The official release date for 10 Lives is locked in for Thursday, August 24, 2023.

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When does 10 Lives come out on Blu-ray & DVD?

Come August 24th; movie fans can look forward to the premiere of ’10 Lives’. Just a heads-up that some movies may not see a DVD release due to their exclusive agreements with streaming services like Apple TV+.

According to DVDsReleases, the DVD/Blu-ray release date for 10 Lives is November 19, 2023 (estimate). The movie has been out for around since its theatrical release. DVD and Blu-ray releases appear 13-14 weeks after the box office premiere. We will update this post with more details as soon as they become available.

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Movie plot and summary

Beckett is a pampered and selfish cat who totally takes for granted the lucky hand he has been dealt. All that is about to change, however, when he carelessly loses his ninth life. Faced with the inevitable, he pleads to be allowe…

Age rating

10 Lives is rated TV-G. is rated TV-G, which means this is suitable for all ages. It contains little or no violence, no strong language, and little or no sexual dialogue or situations.

10 Lives release date and details

Release Date: August 24, 2023
DVD & Blu-ray Release Date: November 19, 2023
Movie Budget: Not available
Box Office: Pending
Runtime: 78 minutes
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Language: N/A

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10 Lives poster

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