GenreNewsWhy TV Is Still the Best Advertising Medium

Why TV Is Still the Best Advertising Medium

Why TV Is Still the Best Advertising Medium
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Paid television adverts have been in existence since 1941. And despite technological innovations and digital ads becoming popular, TV still remains one of the best mediums for advertisers and marketers. Even in the digital age, global companies such as Google, Facebook, and Netflix still spend 60% of their marketing budgets on TV ads. Why is TV so popular?

1. TV Has a Greater Reach

According to Statista’s estimates, there are 121 million homes with TVs in the United States (in 2020-2021). While social media is huge, TVs still have a large viewership. For example, baby boomers spend less time on social media and more time on TV. That’s why brands still advertise products and services on TV. They can reach new customers and engage with them on their preferred platform.

2. TV Adverts Deliver Results

Brands still run advertisements on TV because it delivers great results. Although most big brands use different advertising channels, they love TV because of audience reach. TV has also been around for longer. Compared to social media, television advertising has a better conversion rate and can easily turn viewers into customers. While it is more expensive than social media advertising, the returns are pretty high.

3. TV Ads Are Trustworthy

Customers are more likely to trust products advertised on TV than online video ads. This is because TV ads evoke emotions. Companies also have to pay more for TV ads, so consumers tend to trust them more. For instance, during the Super Bowl 2021, the average cost for ad space for a 30-second slot was $5.6 million. Despite the high cost, about 70 brands still advertised through the medium, a clear indication that TV is a necessity.

4. TV Ads Target Different People

While most Millenials and Gen Zers use online platforms and social media, there’s still a large demographic that loves TV. Older people who tend to be wealthier and have higher purchasing power love TV.

So, if you own a car dealership, make the most of TV ads. Use high-quality car stock photo to convince viewers that the best decision they can make is to buy cars from your dealership.

5. Consumers Have More Time to Focus

Most people watch TV during their leisure time, not when they have a short break at work or at school. Unlike the ads on social media platforms, TV ads are organized. A commercial break may have 1 to 3 highly targeted ads. About 90% of users skip pre-roll ads and avoid videos that come with unskippable ads on YouTube. But with TV, consumers don’t have the option to skip, so they sit and watch the ads. They also have more time to digest the information about different products.

While social media advertising and digital advertising are on the rise, brands and corporations still need TV advertising. It’s effective and provides a 360-degree approach to marketing. To make the most of your advertising budget, include both traditional and digital methods in your marketing strategy. TV is here to stay, so start using it to your advantage.

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