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TV Shows to Check Out for Newly Formed Gay Couples

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For many couples, watching TV is a big part of the relationship. Of course, tastes vary widely when it comes to shows, series, specials, and movies, so things tend to work out much better if you & your new partner enjoy similar things. Now you can do it even remotely with features like SharePlay, or tune on a Netflix movie at the same time and discuss it with your partner in a long-distance relationship or cute guy you met when dating online. At the same time, solidarity isn’t always the best approach: often, you might find something new you enjoy just as much as your familiar favorites if you’re willing to go outside of your normal routine!

When it comes to queer movies or LBGT shows, the pickings tend to be a bit slimmer. This is partly because LGBT media isn’t quite as commonplace and also because LGBT programming is still considered “niche.” Despite this, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding LGBT shows for you & your partner to enjoy together! Of course, you can always try online dating sites as knowledge hubs and jump on a gay chat online and ask around for suggestions, and even find yourself someone to watch them together as a date, if your gay partner still exists only in your dreams, but there’s a quicker way to find hot-topic shows! Below, we’ve compiled a list of our four favorite LGBT-friendly shows for newly-formed gay couples, someone who’s been dating only for a short while after meeting at the online dating platform or in a local bar to watch together and exchange their points of view about the issues presented. No matter which streaming service you currently subscribe to, there’s a show for you below. Enjoy!

Banana (Amazon Prime Video)

You know a show is good when it’s nominated for GLAAD’s Media Award for Outstanding TV Movie or Limited Series! Centered around younger members of the LGBT spectrum, “Banana” builds upon (yet at the same time remains uniquely different from) producer Russell T Davies’ previous LGBT series “Cucumber.” Whereas “Cucumber” focuses primarily on the plights, pitfalls, and problems of a single middle-aged gay man, “Banana” focuses on younger LGBT members and even delves into the world of transgenderism. In fact, “Banana” was actually the first British television show to cast a transgender actor (Bethany Black)!

Dear White People (Netflix)

Perhaps best for mixed-race couples (or just couples who want to be aware of current racial issues) is “Dear White People,” a Netflix-exclusive series loosely based upon the 2014 film “Dear White People” written by Justin Simein. This version of “Dear White People” takes place on the fictional college campus of Winchester University and follows the life of Samantha White. As a mixed-race person, Samantha attempts to educate white members of the school to their “White Privilege” and (as expected) experiences backlash in the form of harassment, intimidation, and opposition. Beyond the social issues she’s trying to expose and propose solutions to, Samantha also has to navigate personal race-related issues herself, such as her “light-skinned privilege.” With over 30 episodes released so far, “Dear White People” provides an in-depth and informative look into the modern struggles of the Black community while also offering opposing viewpoints and a view into the world of modern society as a whole. Although the series primarily focuses on race issues, it also follows the struggles of the gay character Lionel, who goes through the uncomfortable process of coming out. He might have even teach you a few lessons about it if you thought of leaving the closet and going dating but never had the spirit to do so.

Please Like Me (Hulu)

“Please Like Me” is the only TV series on the list to have been referred to as too gay for ABC1. Originally aired on ABC2, “Please Like Me” combines honest, real-world experiences of the LGBT and specifically gay struggles with a bit of humor to produce this combination of “naturalistic performances” and “unconventional writing.” Sadly, this show is over now since production was halted after the fourth (and final) seasons. Nonetheless, the show was well-received throughout its entire production, being nominated for various awards throughout its time aired and represented gay issues like no other series on this list. If you’re looking for something a bit different to enjoy with your gay lover, “Please Like Me” is definitely worth a watch.

Looking (HBO Max)

San Francisco is often thought of as one of the main “gay” cities in America, so it should come as no surprise that this HBO Max exclusive takes place there. Following the lives of three gay men, “Looking” proved to be successful, attracting many new viewers to its first season, inspiring a lot of gay guys to proudly come out of the closet and starting dating who they wanted. Sadly, season two didn’t fare as well and (falling short of network standards) resulted in the cancellation of the show. Still, viewers loved it enough to start a petition demanding the continuation of “Looking.” Although a “series three” was never released, HBO did end up releasing “Looking: The Movie,” which tied the story together and provided fans with the conclusion they’d been looking for.

Learning Valuable Lessons from Fictional Stories

We often think of TV shows or queer movies as simple entertainment, and to an extent, this is true. However, if you’re willing to look beyond the storyline and further into the individual character’s motivations, there are actually many valuable lessons that can be learned from television! Whether it’s their romantic mistakes, honest blunders, errors of judgments, or situational consequences, it’s highly likely that at least part of their experience(s) are relevant to your personal solution for finding romance online or offline or appreciating your newfound gay partner. We highly encourage you to try and learn something from your TV shows while you watch them. Who knows: you could find the key to the perfect relationship!

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