Top gambling TV shows

Top gambling TV shows
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Do you always wonder whether you will lose money or win more when playing a casino game? Does the game’s unpredictability, risk, or thrill make you feel like you’re featuring in Shark Tank or a nerve-cracking TV show? Well, this is what makes casino gaming one of the most popular adrenaline-packed pastimes.

Let’s take a game of roulette as an example. The game’s uncertainty, drama and excitement make it worth the risk. However, if you scrutinize the game, you may liken some of its elements to a TV show.  

Several players, like movie characters, surround the table and place their bets on their desired numbers. Then there is the aspect of a dealer who rotates the wheel, the sound of the spinning wheel, the suspense of the waiting moments, and the mixed emotions when the ball lands on a number. It cannot get any better than this.

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The popularity of casino games keeps rising, mainly because of the convenience and safety of online casinos. Similarly, the variety of games makes it easy for players to choose a game of their liking. Finally, the bonuses and rewards in online casinos are an added incentive that makes most people prefer playing casino games.

If you’re wondering which TV shows can entertain you while giving you tips for winning your favourite gambling game, continue reading through this list of the best gambling TV shows based on casinos.

Las Vegas

Of course, there has to be a show called Las Vegas. After all, it is the capital of the gambling world. Las Vegas is a fiction show covering the aspects of comedy and drama. This Monday night special show had a good start and attracted a vast audience for the first two seasons.

It is a multi-starred series and features celebrities like Tom Selleck, James Caan, and Josh Duhamel. The storyline is centred around a group of employees working in Montecito, a hotel and casino, and explores the issues casino employees face and the Las Vegas casino life.

Smart Live Casino

Smart Live Casino started as a television-based live casino in the UK. It premiered in 2007. Each show episode focuses on a different gambling game and has a storyline that can keep its audience engaged. There is no better TV series than Smart Live Casino if you seek a reality show with a thrill factor.

Breaking Vegas

It focuses on the famous illegal gambling acts players engage in in Vegas. This show was a documentary series revealing gamblers’ tricks to win the games. It also covers the story of Ken Uston, who perfected the blackjack card counting technique. In other episodes, you would also find legal gambling tips like throwing dice at certain angles.

Breaking Vegas is an interesting show. You might learn a thing or two if you are learning how to play online casino games

King of Vegas

King of Vegas has a more realistic take on casino gambling. It is a reality TV show starring 12 players from different walks of life. Some are amateur gamblers, and some are professionals, all fighting for the $1 million prize money.

There are 12 episodes in the show. During its airing, a player would get eliminated each week. A set of four new games every week decided their fate. Various games are played in the show, like blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, and many more. Unfortunately, the show was canceled after only one season.

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