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Top 7 TV Shows Involving Gambling and Casinos

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Gambling is a favored pastime for many people, with Statista estimating the online casino and global casino industry at $2.2 trillion. It is a tricky recreation activity as some games rely on skill while others are all about luck. 

Still, many people, whether rich or poor, love engaging in the activity as gambling gives you an adrenaline rush that comes from wagering a valuable thing and hoping to win something even better. For others, just being in the casino and soaking up an atmosphere where people are placing risky bets and bluffing their way to wins is part of the kicks. 

Although online casinos are pretty accessible, such as, not all brick and mortar casinos are, so that’s where these TV shows about casinos and gambling come in.

1. Breaking Vegas

Premiered in the spring of 2004, the show explores how far people are willing to go to get rich. 

The show highlights the tricks gamblers attempt to one-up the casinos. These tricks will get you kicked out and banned from casinos, and they include gizmo usage, sleight-of-hand tricks, card marking, and past posting.

Other deceitful tactics include legal strategies that casino management won’t tolerate, such as card counting. One of the more famous episodes follows the exploits of the MIT academician, Professor Blackjack, using computer-based card counting research to beat the odds. 

2. American Casino

No list about casino TV shows would be complete without a mention of American Casino. Set in the scenic Green Valley Ranch Casino, the four-diamond resort lies away from the heart of gambling in the Las Vegas strip.

It tracks the daily events of the management and employees of the casino, giving you a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on during casino tournaments, weddings, and rock concerts. 

3. Sneaky Pete

Bryan Cranston and House creator David Shore cast a story about a con man and an ex-convict released from prison. Marius steals the identity of his prison cellmate, Pete, in an attempt to outrun a vicious gangster he had robbed. 

Since Pete’s been gone for so long, Marius joins Pete’s family, who assume he’s their long-lost relation and continues with the family business of taking down criminals. While here, he uses his skills and charm to deceive and con people, especially his enemies, at the poker table.

4. Luck

The dramatic TV series is the brainchild of David Milch, depicting the world of horse race gambling.

Premiered in January 2012, the television series casts Ace Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) as an ex-convict betrayed and sent to prison mistakenly. Ace is determined to track down his betrayers and have his revenge.

To accomplish his mission, he revives underground horserace betting and casino gambling. The fast and stylish show was a masterpiece of racetrack gambling and a clash of characters from the employees, gamblers, and racehorse owners.

5. The Player

This is a thriller American crime drama by John Rogers and John Fox

Alex Kane, a former FBI agent, is about to face a total change in his life. Driven by anger and a determination to find his ex-wife’s killers, Alex runs into gambling operators Johnson, the “Pit Boss” and Cassandra “the Dealer,” who recruit him as “the Player,” to try and take down criminals as they gamble.

The show is an intense action crime drama that solves its mysteries and crimes through the game poker.

6. Celebrity Poker Showdown

If you enjoy watching the high-end glamorous life of celebrities and their stakes at the poker tables, this is right down your alley.

The game show features celebrities at tournaments playing poker for charity. Each contest had five stars competing for the championship level. The winner would win a grand prize for their charity and a gold poker chip.

Being a reality show with a few phases of fiction, the show accurately portrays the level of competition involved in gambling games.

7. The Card Counter

The 2021 show tells a story about William Tell, an ex-military officer who learned to count cards as an interrogator in a military prison.

Haunted by his previous life decisions, tell turns into a life of card counting in poker and gambling and tries to cover his tracks while on a revenge mission. 

The Card Counter is a thriller show that explores the often hidden intentions of gambling and intentions beyond winning or losing. 


If you enjoy gambling, you probably miss the atmosphere if you don’t get to engage for extended periods. Nothing compares to the fix you get from placing wagers and going on a winning streak.

The thrill of watching these shows, such as American Casino, Celebrity Poker Showdown, and The Card Counter, comes close to being in a casino placing bets or watching people gamble. If you are looking to learn the tactics and tricks of gambling, these shows and many more can be the experience you are looking for.

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