The Phenomenon of Online Dating in TV Shows

The Phenomenon of Online Dating in TV Shows
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TV shows nowadays show us everything from SCI-FI and impossible fantasy stories to things that seem torn from real life. There are a lot of different streaming platforms and TV programs that you can watch, and each of them has countless movies and shows.

Today we’re interested in online dating and TV shows. Why do we see so many shows that focus on dating, what shows are there that explore this topic, are they worth checking out, is the “reality” they present close to the one we live? 

Why Do We See This Topic On-Screen?

The themes which people are interested in have always been topics for TV and movies. So, of course, since online dating is the main type of romance of our times, there will be many different shows to discuss it and showcase it. 

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Like the Apocalypse, fighting evil, important people of history, crime, and other themes are important and present on TV; what is more important than love?

Most people in this day and age meet singles online and form sexual or romantic relationships this way, so it was a given that we would be seeing shows that tackle this. 

With more and more people using online dating websites to pass the time, to find hookups, relationships or soulmates, we will probably be seeing even more TV shows in the future with an online dating theme. 

Shows That Explore Online Dating

From popular TV shows like 90-day fiance, where people from two different sides of the world meet online and decide to get married in a super short period of time to Sexy Beasts where people try to focus on mind, spirit, personality, intellect, and psychological chemistry instead of the physical aspect, there are countless shows about dating to watch. 

Out of the many shows that discuss online dating, we’ve decided to show you today the ones who have the main focus on this, and it isn’t a minor focus or sub-focus to sustain another main event. 

While there are many TV shows and movies about dating, online dating is most often viewed as a sub-genre, but in these three shows, it’s the star.

  • The Dangers of Online Dating

The Dangers of Online Dating (which you can watch on several streaming platforms, including YouTube) is a show that was launched in 2017 and had 2 seasons.

It’s a rather dark comedy that tells the story of a sexual health nurse who is afraid of casual sex and its possible consequences. She decides to try online dating to find love and serious relationships, and this is where the action begins.

  • Dating App Horrors: The Untold Story

With just one season this far, exclusively on Hulu, Dating App Horrors: The Untold Story takes a closer look at the dating industry. 

Elizabeth Vargas is the main character, and she makes it her task to examine the dating app industry, which is insufficiently regulated, and see what issues exist, how it works, why it’s popular, and many other things.

  • Osmosis

New on Netflix, Osmosis is a short series with 8 episodes. Many important names have been written for it, including Audrey Fouché, Aude Albano, and Claude Chelli.

The series is SCI-FI, and the main idea is that in the future (not very far along down the road), a new dating app will be launched in Paris. It will be called Osmosis, and people will be highly interested in it. 

The reason for its popularity is that it can show people their soul mate, their one true love, with 100% accuracy by accessing their brains. The catch is that the algorithm has full power, and it can see everything inside you and then match you with other users based on even the parts of you that you would like to hide.


Online dating is a huge intrinsic part of our lives, so it’s only natural that we see it represented in one form or another in TV shows. 

While at the moment it’s still seen by many as something that has the potential to be positive but in many cases turns into a negative experience (which you can also see in shows), you need to remember that not all cases are the same and that these shows although based on real-life are mostly fiction.

It’s interesting from a show perspective to turn anything and everything “evil” and put a twist on it, but in real life, things are different. Many couples meet on online dating websites and are perfectly happy together.

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