The Best Cannabis Movies and Shows 

The Best Cannabis Movies and Shows 
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It’s natural that weed lovers long for related content when high. There’s nothing more pleasing than watching a light, funny comedy or an immersive sci-fi thriller while high. So, after visiting your local California dispensary and getting some weed for an enjoyable evening, you should proceed to choose the right TV content. It will be a shame to lose the giggly or reflective mood your joint will set you in, so prepare in advance.  

Thanks to the development of streaming services, choosing a cannabis movie or show is a no-brainer today. You can pick a cannabis cooking show, a documentary, a drama, or a lolable comedy. Here’s our list of top stoner movies and shows you should try out in 2022.

#1 The Culture High (2014) 

Let’s begin with something informative; weed is not only a medical or recreational drug. It is also a vast part of the U.S. culture, and its rich history of illegality and gradual acceptance is worth knowing, especially if you plan a weed startup. This documentary is a unique material examining the prohibition and legalization issues, posing serious questions about the place of weed in Americans’ lives, and focusing on the legal, political, and medical factors of cannabis’s status. It features Joe Rogan and Snoop Dogg, which makes the movie additionally pleasing to watch. 

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#2 Reefer Madness (1936) 

Reefer Madness deserves a stoner’s attention because it is the first movie ever made specifically about weed. Besides, it’s open propaganda of war on weed, containing some grave misconceptions and ridiculous assumptions about weed’s effect on the human being. Sometimes sounding openly nonsense and laughable, the movie is a great piece of weed-related fiction that your curious mind might like. There are several variants of watching this 1936 film – either laugh your head off watching how weed causes a man to “monstrous extravagances” and “incurable insanity” or study it as historical evidence of the early roots of the U.S. war on drugs. Both versions promise to be a worthy pastime. 

#3 Pineapple Express (2008) 

If you’re in the right mood for watching a fun action movie, the Pineapple Express is the best way to go. Its star cast will make you laugh and sympathize with the story of two men, Dale and Saul, who try to escape a corrupt policewoman and a drug kingpin because of being murder witnesses. The movie is also excellent evidence of the lazy stoner stereotype that dominated the public perception in the early 2000s, the time when legalization only took root. 

#4 High Maintenance 

Wishing to tap into the daily lives of real weed buyers and their reasons for smoking marijuana? Then the High Maintenance TV show is what you really need. First, it fits a shorter attention span than a full-length 90-120-minute feature film would require. Second, every episode acquaints you with real weed buyers living in New York City, sharing their life stories and expanding the shared vision of the role of weed in a stoner’s daily routines and life philosophy.

#5 Cooking on High 

Cooking cannabis-infused food is another way to get high. Let’s face it; not everyone derives pleasure from rolling a blunt or filling up a bong and then firing it all up. Some people prefer marijuana intake gentler ways, which is easier with edibles. So, if you’re a canna chef in your soul and long for exquisite canna-enriched meals, the Cooking on High TV show is right for you. Watch it to get original cooking ideas and enjoy the sufferings of show participants who need to cook something delicious from a pile of unusual ingredients. 

#6 Gone to Pot American Road Trip 

This TV show is meant for a specific viewer population – the elderly concerned about cannabis use for various health conditions and wishing to get user-friendly education on that subject. It features a group of senior English celebrities, including Bobby George, football star John Fashanu, and an actress Pam St. Clement. The group experiments with different weed intake modes and dwells on the troubling issues of cannabis legalization, trying to figure it out together. The show is remarkable because of the differences in characters and their unique worldviews that don’t click together at first, undergoing fundamental changes as they go on. 

#7 Dazed and Confused (1993)

A celebration of reckless youth and endless fun in high school years, Dazed and Confused is an evergreen classic of stoner movies. This provocative film left a trace in many people’s hearts because of the star cast and the bold way the group of youngsters approaches the issues of fashion, art, and politics in their lives. Dazed and Confused is a coming-of-age film type reminiscent of the Catcher in the Rye theme in literature, so you’re sure to get the feel of the rocking ’90s when watching it. 

#8 The Marijuana Show 

A completely different piece of TV content that many weed lovers may also like is The Marijuana Show. This reality TV series features weed businesspeople who compete to attract investors and promote their businesses. So, by watching the Marijuana Show, you’ll have a sneak peek into the hidden side of the legal weed business, learning how people make money and what challenges they experience at the startup stage.  

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