Squid Game Explained & 4 Most Asked Question Answered


Squid game is a television series. It is a South Korean series on Netflix, written and directed by Hwan Dong-hyuk. It is one of the most-watched tv show to date. It’s a great show to binge in the background while you play Sloto. This article will explain the squid game series and answer the four most asked questions regarding the series.

The squid game has nine episodes in season 1. The director of the squid game Hwan Dong-hyuk and Netflix, didn’t confirm season 2 yet. But still, a popular show like this might get more seasons, who knows! We will be explaining the complex thriller, drama, survival, horror genre series “squid game” season 1 now.

Squid Game Explained

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Seong Gi-hun is our protagonist, and the story starts with his personal life. Seong Gi-hun is a 47 yeard old divorced man who lives with his elderly mother. He is deep in debt and has no sign of recovering from it. He can hardly do anything for his daughter, who lives with her mom and stepdad. Suddenly, a mysterious man appeared in his life and invited him to play games—a series of children’s games that offered a large amount of cash prize.

As a gambler addict and being deep in debt, he accepts.

He is taken to the game venue, where he meets other players. There were a total of 456 players.

There were masked guards or organizers to organize and maintain order in the game. The game organizer told these players to play six games in six days to win the prize money.

1st Game: Green Light, Red Light

The first game begins, which is called red light, green light. It is a children’s game where if you are caught seen moving, you get eliminated. But in squid game, if you get caught seen moving, you get killed by bullets. Many players got scared and started panicking, which got most of them killed. Roughly half of the players survived and wanted to quit the game.

Then the squid game guard showed a massive amount of money to them, which got acquired just from 1st game, many of them felt greedy. Some wanted to quit, and some wanted to play, so they had to vote to decide according to clause three from the consent form the players signed. One hundred players voted yes, and one hundred players voted no, including Seong Gi-hun. Then the deciding vote was player number 1, and he voted no, which means the majority of the vote goes to stop the game.


Hell is the 2nd episode where players leave the game by will. The game allows them to come back later if they want to. Seong Gi-hun finds out his mother is very sick, and they don’t have money to treat her or any insurance to support the hospital bill. Some chain of events makes Seong Gi-hun and other players realize that the real world is crueler than the squid game. At least the squid game is giving them a chance to win and live a luxurious life. So Seong Gi-hun and 186 players return to continue playing the squid game.

A police officer who is searching for his missing brother ends up following some of these players. His name is Hwang Jun-ho. He secretly gets into the squid game facility or venue by killing a guard and taking his place.

Game Resumes

After most player returns, the game resumes. So now they play the 2nd game. In this game, some player cheats, and some uses wits to complete the given task in time. Seong Gi-hun had an arduous task, but he used his wits to manage somehow to finish his task before time ran out. One player lost, in a desperate state, the player attacked a squid game guard.

After seeing the guard’s face, he realizes the guard is just a young boy. He couldn’t bring himself to kill the boy, so he committed suicide. The frontman controlling everything from shadows comes forward and shoots the guard who the player attacked. After shooting, he reminds everyone that if a guard shows his face, the guard must die according to the rule—almost half of the players killed in this game.

Survival of The Fittest

Winners of the 2nd game get into a clash with each other because of a shortage of food. One player dies in the conflict. The announcer from the squid game announces that players can win more money because one player died or got eliminated. This gives an idea to many players that they can kill other players and narrow the list of players. When the light turned off at night, the hall room where every player was sleeping became a battle royal. Many players got killed by other fellow players player number 1 cried and asked the madness to stop; the frontman heard that and stopped the massacre.

Team Play

The next game was team-oriented, tug of war. Tug of war requires a solid team to win. Seong Gi-hun and player number 1, who is an older man was in the same team. They also had three female players in the group. So they were a fragile team to play a tug-of-war game. But thanks to player number 1s game plan and improvision from player 218, it earns them a victory.

Traitor In The System

While all these are going on, we get to know player number 111 is cheating. He has a link with squid game guards, and they help him cheat. In return, player number 111, aka Byeong-gi, helps those guards harvest organs from eliminated players.

Frontman, who seems to appear as a manager of this game, finds out about this treachery. He kills the traitor guards and player number 111. It also sends a search party to find the intruder.


Gganbu means best friends. Game number 4 is to play with the player’s partner, who is probably their Gganbu.

Even though game number 4 is another simple children’s game, things still get intense. Here players show their true character, and pretty much everyone cheats to win the game. Our protagonist Seong Gi-hun cheats his Gganbu, who is the old man player number 1. But then we find out player number 1 was letting Seong Gi-hun win or purpose. This is the saddest arc or game in the squid game series.

The VIPs

The Vips themselves came to watch the last two games live. They are a bunch of rich people who are bored and would spend any money to get some entertainment. This whole game is organized for them, and they fund the entire thing.

5th Game

In the presence of the Vips, 5th game begins. 5th game is to walk on the glass; players must choose strong glass to walk on or fall and die. After many dramatic moments, finally, three players get through this round. These three players are player 456 Seong Gi-hun, player 67 Kang Sae-byeok, player 218 Cho Sang-Woo.

Kang Sae-byeok gets hurt pretty badly and seems to lose consciousness. Seong Gi-hun goes to call a doctor, and when he returns, he sees Cho Sang-Woo murders Kang Sae-byeok.

Seong is emotionally broken at this point. He saw someone close to him getting killed by another person who was close to home. He is disgusted and angry at the same time. He doesn’t care about winning; he wants to make sure Cho doesn’t get the prize money.

Identity of Front Man

The frontman somehow chases the intruder police officer Hwang Jun-ho to an island. There the frontman reveals his identity that he is the missing brother of the police officer. Hwang was searching for his missing brother In-ho. He finally meets his brother In-ho, but unfortunately, In-ho is the frontman of the squid game. Hwang, unable to recover from the shock, refuses to surrender and get shot down by the frontman, aka In-ho.

Last game

6th game is a simple “squid game,” which is an old popular children’s game. But the apparent twist is the loser will die. Seong manages to take control over the game, but he doesn’t finish it. Instead, he gives up the opportunity to win the prize and asks Cho Sang-woo to quit together and go home. Cho realizes all the inhuman things he did to get this far, all the players who gave their lives to continue the game, so he commits suicide to let Seong win the game.

We see greedy Seong, who is quite selfish in real life, getting more and more humble at this squid game. The 6th game solidifies his character development even more as he refuses the prize money to save his pal, Cho.

After The Game

After the game, Seong did not spend the prize money and chose to live as he used to live before the squid game. His mother died, and he doesn’t have any purpose in life. After a year, he gets invited to meet someone special. This someone special is player number 1, whose name is oh ll-nam. Seong gets inraged and asks for the true identity of oh ll-nam. Ll-nam reveals he is a wealthy guy who was part of the squad game. Then he offers to play another game with Seong, a betting game. To show Seong how cruel humans can be and they can not be trusted. Seong wins the bet, but ll-nam dies without knowing the result of the betting.

Seong wins the bet, and it restores his faith in humanity. Then we see he refuses to go to America to meet his daughter; he instead moves toward the Squid Game. Probably in order to stop it for good.

4 Most Asked Question Answered

Here we will answer a few burning questions that have been bugging you if you have seen squid game. Be at ease and read through these most asked questions.

  1. Squid Game Release Date

Squid Game was released on 17 September 2021. In a perfect world, we could be just ten months away from season 2 in September of 2022.

  1. Will Squid Game Have A Season 2?

After watching season 1, we can say the game didn’t end there. The 9th episode, which is the ending, indicates that Seong Gi-hun didn’t give up and decided to return to the Squid Game. What will the winner Seong Gi-hun accomplish by returning back? What is his future? These questions are left unanswered.

On November 9, 2021, director/writer Hwang Dong-hyuk said that season would happen for sure. He even made jokes that fans didn’t leave him any choice but to make another season.

However, Netflix hasn’t confirmed season 2 yet. Hwang also said he wants to return to big-screen movies before proceeding with squid game season 1.

  1. Is It A Adaption From Book?

Well, no.

It is not a direct adaptation; there is no book, novel, or graphic novel of squid game so far. There might be one in the future because the show is breaking many records on television series.

Director Hwang Dong-Hyuk said he reads a lot of comics, and he was fascinated by the idea of a survival game. He didn’t name the comic from which he got the idea of the squid game, but the idea came from a comic book. He got the idea back in 2008.

Some claim this series is suspiciously similar to the Japanese film “As the gods will” from 2014. As the gods will was directed by Takashi Miike, and the film is based on manga. Squid games director said in a press conference that only the first game is similar to the movie, nothing else, and he had the idea and script of the show long before that film got released.

  1. What Is The Meaning Of The Shapes On The Squid Game Business Card?

Author Jasmine Leung explains that the shapes on the squid game business card are indeed Korean letters.

There are three shapes on the card: circle, triangle, square.

The circle means letter O. The square means M. The triangle means J. So it is a circle, triangle, square meaning ‘O J M”. Which are the initials of Squid Game in the Korean language.

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