Learn how to play Keno online in a few easy steps

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Discover how to play Keno, one of the easiest and most fun online casino games. Unlike Bingo, Keno requires you to mark the cards’ numbers before the balls are drawn. So, this game is a mixture of Bingo and Lotto.

Moreover, Keno is a low-risk game, which means there is no danger of losing a lot of money. On the contrary, you can have the chance to win a big prize. This is the typical game for you to have fun while trying your luck at the online casino.

How to play Keno online?

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Receive the card and mark the numbers

A card with 80 cyphers (from 1 to 80, arranged in eight rows and ten columns) will appear on your screen when you enter the virtual game. You can play with up to four different cards to increase your chances of winning.

After receiving the cards, mark ten random cells on each card (some platforms allow the player to score 15). Remember, the key to playing Keno online is to be attentive.

Choose the amount you will wager on each card

There is no minimum bet amount when playing the most common Keno. Instead, you can determine how much money you will wager. That amount will be multiplied by your number of tickets (for example, if you choose to play with four tickets and bet $1, your total bet will be $4). The bigger the bet, the bigger the winnings.

Applying the bet and drawing

After choosing the tickets and determining the value of the bets, click on “Play”. Immediately, the bets are closed, and twenty balls (from 1 to 80) are drawn at random. The cyphers will appear on the screen along with your tickets, with the ones already marked automatically.

Checking the card and winning

As we said in the previous point, after the 20 numbers are drawn, your card will appear on the screen with the selected marks if they are among the numbers drawn. The prize refers to the equivalence between the drawn and the marked numbers, just like in the lottery (the more you guessed, the bigger the prize received).

Some online casino platforms payout, on average, 80% of the winnings, charging a commission for the game. But don’t worry, this value is common in online casino games. It also serves to maintain and improve the security of the system.

See how easy it is to play Keno? Now that you know this game how about playing it at the best online casino site on the Internet, have fun!

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