GenreNewsHow TV Advertising Still Drives Auto Sales

How TV Advertising Still Drives Auto Sales

According to, the average U.S. adult watches TV for 3 hours and 17 minutes each day. The figure is declining from previous years, and projections show it will go down to 2 hours and 51 minutes by 2023. So, has TV advertising lost its former glory? No.

TV is still the world’s most effective advertising platform despite losing viewership to live streaming services. TV adverts are still driving auto sales despite the stiff competition. Here’s how TV advertising helps dealerships sell more cars.

1. Pointing Customers in the Right Direction

The buyer’s journey may be happening entirely online nowadays, but it has become more difficult for dealers to know the exact starting point. For instance, a customer may be aware they need a car but information overload can make the process difficult. They may be unsure about the make, model, and the dealerships to explore. But a TV ad could help.

In fact, a study found out that 53% of buyers aged 25-54 turn to TV ads for purchase considerations, compared to only 30% who use the internet. And 46% of buyers aged 18-34 selected their car’s make, model, and the dealership to buy from based on TV ads. So, if you want more traffic to your dealership’s website or more visits to your online virtual showroom, a TV ad is all you need.

2. Helps You Target the Right Audience

The modern consumer needs to see more than an advert to buy. 763.5 million internet users have active ad blockers, and adverts are only meaningful when they target the right audience. 

Luckily, audience targeting in TV ads has become easier with the advent of niche cable TV channels and data-driven linear and addressable TV advertising. The advertising medium uses data to define an audience and create audience-specific campaigns, reducing costs and increasing conversions. 

For instance, if you sell tractors, your advert will run on a farming-niche TV channel or channels that show  farming-related programs. You can target specific TV programs, particular age groups of viewers, or specific geographic regions using TV ads.

3. Gathers a Captive Audience

Television shows one advert at a time, ensuring only a single brand is in the spotlight. This is better than newspaper or telephone directory advertising, where ads are smaller and placed side by side. Irrespective of how long the advert runs on TV, it captures the audience’s attention.

TV ads have the ability to reach a captive audience, which is why they go viral quickly and remain ingrained in people’s minds. What’s more, because they feature both video and audio, you can use the right content to help the audience relate better with your brand.

Utilize the Power of TV Advertising

Television advertising is just as powerful as it used to be during the days of DVRs. It remains a shaper of buyers’ opinions and still drives auto sales. While you may not close sales quickly with TV ads, you will point potential buyers your way for more information. So, go on and make the most of TV advertising.

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