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How to protect yourself from DDoS attacks?

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Attacks on Internet resources have become more and more frequent. And one of the most common methods is a DDoS attack. The experts at decided to share their experiences on this topic. Let’s look at ways to protect and prevent penetration through DDoS attacks. 

Who carries out a DDoS attack on your site and why?

Before we look at ways to protect ourselves, we need to understand the nature of the attack. Often, the reason for an attack is a personal dislike of your activities. However, this is not always the case. DDoS attacks have already become a tool of blackmail and extortion. In this case, such attacks have a self-serving intent. However, whatever the reason for the attack, it must be fought.

How does a DDoS attack happen?

The goal of a DDoS attack is to oversaturate the bandwidth. If an intruder achieved saturation, legitimate users cannot get a response from your server or a resource that resides in it and use your services or make a purchase. There is a vast variety of methods are used to do this: 

  • HTTP Flood;
  • Ping-flood;
  • Smurf attack;
  • Sending heavy packets;
  • Server flooding with log files.

This is not a complete list of methods, but they are some of the most popular.

Protection and prevention

Basically, protection against DDoS attacks is built on a properly configured server. These protection measures can only protect against weak DoS attacks, or they will reduce their effectiveness. Also, a planned ddos pentest helps to identify weaknesses in the security system in advance. 

However, it is worth remembering that every type of DDoS attack has an entire scheme of counteraction and prevention. You should not rely on the fact that there is a universal way, applying which you will be absolutely protected. Protecting against this type of attack is a complex process that cannot be neglected. 

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