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How to Get Your Startup Featured on TV

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Despite the popularity of online advertising, TV still remains a trusted platform for marketing and advertising. Studies show that up to 38% of Americans get their news from local TV stations. Therefore, appearing on TV can make a startup become a national or a global brand. And while it may not produce instant results, it can build brand credibility and create many opportunities for your business later on. Here’s how to get your startup featured on TV.

1. Approach Local TV Stations

Your first target market should be the local community. Approach local TV stations and request them to feature your startup. Do this before you approach national TV stations. Familiarize yourself with the TV programs you’d like to get featured on. Once you identify a show that seems like a good fit, learn everything about it. This shows the producer that you’re keen on details.

Local news producers get many requests every day from individuals and businesses, so unless you have something unique, they’ll overlook you. You can start helping the less fortunate or the community or go green. People love do-gooders. If you can show how your business helps people, you’ll win them over. 

2. Craft Your Pitch

A pitch gives you a chance to explain to the producer why you want your startup to get featured on TV. Here are some important things to keep in mind as you craft the pitch.

  • Keep it as short as possible
  • Show how your story will benefit the station and not just your business—what does the station or its viewers care about? Make the pitch both entertaining and informative
  • Use a video in your pitch. A short video pitch will make you stand out and make the producer want to feature your startup
  • Time it right. TV stations want to cover trending stories that are relevant at the moment
  • Make your products visually appealing

3. Follow Up

Sending an email with a pitch is not enough. Follow up, but do it with modesty. You can call the producer after 2-3 days to inquire if they received your email and call once a week after that. This will ensure you don’t appear desperate or annoy them. If your story is linked to an upcoming event, you can follow up almost immediately. Keep in mind that TV producers have busy schedules. You may have the best pitch but miss a great opportunity if you don’t follow up.

Loan Center, a popular online company that offers title loans online, says that financial startups that want to get featured on TV must pitch to producers of financial shows–not news producers. This will increase their chances of success. 

4. Give it Your Best Shot and Show Gratitude

If you get a chance to appear on TV, give it your best shot. You can prepare by looking at previous shows to understand the type of questions you may get asked. Create and rehearse talking points but don’t memorize them. Dress well and show up on time.

The producer will be taking a risk by featuring an entrepreneur with no TV experience. Most prefer to feature seasoned entrepreneurs with loads of expertise. So make it worth their time. After you get featured, send a thank-you email or a thank you card. Your startup may get featured again.

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