How Gambling is Shown in Asian Movies

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

You can’t talk about Asian movies without mention of gambling. Casinos, lotteries, betting are showing here and there on the big screen. Sometimes you can even think that gambling is some kind of Asian advertisement. Is the reputation of gambling in Asian countries really that great? And why are Asian gambling movies so popular? Let’s try to figure it out.

Ancient Tradition

To understand the importance of gambling to Asians, you need to dig deep into history. It all starts in ancient India. The first mentions of gambling in India date back to 1500 BC. These were simple throwing of dice (sometimes even for the royal throne) and betting on cock-fights. But over time, the popularity of such games for money spread to other countries of the East.

China was the most progressive gambling country in the ancient world. Such a popular game as domino appeared in the Middle Kingdom in the 7th century, and the first playing cards in the 12th. 

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As we can see, gambling is an old tradition in Asia. And some of the gambling games born in Asian countries have survived to this day.

Gambling and Asian Film Industry

The themes of gambling in movies began to be popularized not only because of an old history of this industry, but also thanks to some film directors. Such as Wong Jing. This man is a film director of more than 175 films. Almost every movie he directed shows gambling elements.

As the film director states, such an influence on him was made by Asian culture. Since childhood, he not only watched his loved ones place bets or gamble, but he himself took part in this.

Wong Jing has made a great impact on other directors and actors, who continue to make movies about gambling nowadays.

Gambling Reputation in Asian Movies

What is the casino’s reputation in Asian films? Exceptionally flawless, just check the Gclub casino and you’ll understand how good they are. The popularity of showing gambling in the Asian film industry can only be compared to the songs and dances in Bollywood movies. 

The most popular plot of gambling films shows a character who travels the world and makes money by playing in casinos. Such characters usually have almost fantastic gambling skills. Often the plot is intertwined with family affairs, showdowns, gangsters, and love lines. 

Asian films featuring gambling take a very different perspective on the industry than Hollywood. These days gambling in Asia is not something very risky and to some extent dangerous but on the contrary an activity that can make everyone happy.

Best Asian Movies About Gambling

To fully understand how gambling is treated in Asian movies you need to watch some of them. “From Vegas to Macau” and “God of Gamblers” are quite good examples of how typical Asian movies about gambling look like. Both are directed by the previously mentioned Wong Jing. These movies show Asians gambling traditions and the world of this industry in Asia as it is.

You should also watch “Tazza: The High Rollers” and “Poker King” directed by Chan Hing-Kai. These movies will not only give you a great mood but also will show you casino life in Asia.

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