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Holiday Road Trip: How To Prepare

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Cold weather during the winter holiday season will not spoil your trip if you prepare properly. Whether you are planning a weekend trip or a longer trip with family, friends or colleagues, you need to make sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises on the way.

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So, good preparation will be the key to success during any trip.

Check The Weather Forecast

Check the weather forecast for your entire route before going on a trip in winter. This will help you prepare for your traveling better and the weather will not take you by surprise somewhere in a deserted area.

 Car Kit

You need to have a car kit. As a rule, it includes the following items:

  • lamp
  • first aid kit
  • warm blankets
  • additional warm clothes and shoes
  • bright fabric
  • food and warm drinks

Good Tires

Make sure your car has the right tires for long-distance winter travel. You can contact a special service, where professionals will do all the necessary checks, if you do not have enough knowledge and skills.

Get Ready For A Blizzard

Winter weather can be very unpredictable, including heavy snow or rain. If you find out that the forecast predicts a blizzard, it is better to postpone your trip for a few days. If a blizzard catches you on the way, try to find the nearest hotel to wait until it’s over. Don’t worry if you are late – safety comes first.

Explore The Route

The better you know your route, the fewer unpleasant situations you may have along the way. Find out in advance where there are gas stations, cafes, motels, etc. Find out if there are any roads closed for repairs on your way. If there are any difficult sections, consider choosing another way to get to your destination point.


Be sure to have a shovel and a sandbag in the car just in case. This is useful if you suddenly get stuck somewhere on your way or the road becomes too slippery in some areas. It’s also worth having a portable charger for your phone to keep you connected all the time. Do not forget to take a map, even if you know the road well – when it snows or rains, it is very easy to miss the right turn and get lost.

Rush Hour

It is not recommended to start your trip during rush hours. Bad weather conditions can lead to even heavier traffic jams and you will spend more time on the road. Moreover, if it snows, visibility will be worse and the number of accidents may increase significantly. Remember about safety.

Do Not Hurry Up

If the road is covered with ice or water – do not rush, because in such conditions the grip of the wheels with the track is worse. You’d rather spend an extra hour, two or three to get to the destination point than you get into some kind of accident. Sometimes it is even worth stopping and waiting when the bad weather becomes better.

Don’t Use Cruise Control

When the weather is bad, you should not use cruise control – you must drive the car yourself and to various situations on the road react in time.  

Put More Time On The Road

In winter and summer, you will spend different time on a 200-mile trip, for example. Be sure to keep this in mind when planning your rest. This will reduce your rush along the way, you will be less nervous and you will get to the desired place in a better mood.

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