Find the Best Heroes in Online Games at Game Karma

Find the Best Heroes in Online Games at Game Karma
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Computer games allow players to find in the virtual world what one can only dream of in the real world:

  • all sorts of skills and magical abilities
  • multiple lives and the ability to resurrect the hero
  • vivid impressions and increasing levels of difficulty of the game
  • victory over opponents, which will surely come, even if the game has to be started from the beginning

Importance of Characters for Beneficial Gaming Experience

An important component of the appeal of computer games is the presence of surprisingly charming and attractive characters with whom the player can identify and act on behalf. The main characters can be anyone:

  • dolls and cars
  • robots and soldiers
  • athletes and adventurers

There are no limits to the imagination of game developers. But the brightest characters and the most magical adventures can be found on the Game Karma platform. There are many games for all ages and in all kinds of genres. Without the need to download games to your computer, you will find many friends among the wonderful heroes of these games.

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How the Identification Mechanism Works in Computer Games

Playing for any of the characters, the player becomes emotionally attached to it, which can lead to both positive and undesirable consequences.

Positive Aspects of the Identification Mechanism

  • The joy of communication: although game characters are virtual, the game process can be considered some kind of communicative process not only between players in the case of a multiplayer game but also between the player and their character. Since the latter is the fruit of the creativity of the authors and developers of the game, the character has qualities external to the player and, therefore, can enrich them, in return receiving the development of its fate from the player.
  • Acceptance of the character as a model of behavior: the character can “infect” the player with its positive qualities. Trying them on, the player subsequently begins to broadcast these qualities in everyday life. This is especially important when socializing children. Therefore, the choice of computer games for kids must be approached very responsibly. After all, the child will subsequently perform in real life those models of behavior of characters that he/she absorbs. The Game Karma platform contains only the best games that will teach your children:
  • kindness and understanding
  • strength and support
  • perseverance in achieving goals and tolerance

Possible Negative Consequences of Gaming

  • Character Addiction: Over-emotional dependence on a character can come in both mild and severe forms:
  • light: the player is looking forward to new releases of the game
  • severe: gaming addiction, when a player spends not only all the free time on the game but also becomes asocial due to the fact that computer games become the only interest in life
  • Manipulation possibilities: knowing about the qualities of the emotional attachment of players to their characters, various interested parties can use this aspect, for example, political forces and various ideological currents. By immersing the player in the world they invented, they can set it up negatively towards their opponents, thereby realizing their narrow goals.

When playing computer games online, remember that the characters can become your friend who will illuminate your life in new colors, or it can impose unwanted behavior on you. When identifying with options, choose only the best characters that you will find in abundance on Game Karma.

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