Chatroom Stories: How Movies Tend to Depict the Exaggerated Reality

Chatroom Stories: How Movies Tend to Depict the Exaggerated Reality
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It is fascinating to observe the culture of modern dating. Online dating is now seen more positively by the general population as a genuine way to discover real love, as opposed to practically being seen as a way to get into trouble. But unfortunately, movies tend to ignore this reality and instead portray internet dating in a very negative light. 

Dating and romantic chatting in movies are not very factual and offer ideas about couples, love, relationships, and break-ups that could have long-lasting impacts. Of course, things can go wrong, but it is not always as “dangerous” as you sometimes see in the movies, especially when interacting in chat rooms.

Dating Chats in Modern Society

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Technology has affected and altered almost every aspect of your life, and you must acknowledge the same when it comes to dating. So many people turn to online dating and join a dating site to engage in local hookup chat, but they soon realize it is not always as simple as it looks.

Online dating may seem intimidating when you first start looking for dates. How do you learn what to chat about? How soon do you need to respond? And how long should you continue a virtual conversation before moving forward? But the truth is that engaging in dating chats in modern society is a much safer experience than going on blind dates without knowing the other person.

You can ask about anything when engaging in chats. Try expanding on what you already know about them through their profile information. A few casual inquiries at the beginning of your conversation can really get things going. If you find a good chat site, it will be a lot safer and so much more fun to connect with strangers and get to know them better.

Three Movies Whose Plot Starts Online

When it comes to online dating and romantic chats, you can find so many movies using plots that revolve around the same concept. But, quite weirdly, most movies share the negative consequences of online chatting and dating. 

Really, you should watch those flicks and enjoy them, but do not let them shape your ideas about online dating. After all, online dating sites are now smarter than ever, making them safer than ever to use. Here are some of the best movies with plots revolving around online dating and chatting.

Who You Think I Am (2019)

There is a reason it was up for 12 Oscars and claimed 9 of them. If you are looking for a good drama/romance, this is a strong contender. This is a stunningly operatic tale that ends in tragedy.

Juliette Binoche is fantastic as the lonely middle-aged woman who creates a new online persona and starts a relationship with a much younger man through the internet. During her appointments with her therapist, the plot develops and takes surprising turns.

It shares the perils of meeting someone online but also tells you about the wonders of finding love in the most unexpected places. Binoche gives a fantastic performance in the film’s final moments, which makes it even more special. Overall, a film that is suitable for mature audiences and comes highly recommended!

Is It Just Me (2010)

The movie’s unique plot does not fall into the usual LGBT stereotypes. It is set in West Hollywood and focuses on the struggle between pursuing a committed relationship and the ease and convenience of casual hookup culture. The best part is that it is all about a group of decent, normal people talking about their lives and looking for love. 

Despite being surrounded by an “ocean of beautiful men,” Blaine, the sympathetic gay protagonist, has yet to discover lasting love. Symbolic of the gay culture, Cameron is Blaine’s roommate. He acts in Z horror movies and dances at the local gay bar to channel his inner artist, but he is cynical, superficial, and terribly promiscuous.

It all changes with Xander entering the plot. He is a nice, normal cowboy who is on the lookout for a serious commitment. He meets Blaine at a coffee shop and then again in an online chat room, where they find they have a lot in common and decide to get together. But then, things go wrong and become confusing, with Cameron having a role to play. 

Catfish (2010)

While it is true that catfishing is entertaining to watch, it is tragic to consider the victims. Catfishing has the potential to destroy a person’s trust, their online dating life, and their ability to fall in love.

The movie is fantastic in every way: entertaining, exciting, and funny. Angela was a total catfish, but the film painted a very flattering picture of her. Furthermore, Vince’s closing comments about “Catfish” are what capped off the film and the TV series as a big success. An all-around winner as the best documentary movie ever made!

Rules to Avoid Worst-Case Scenarios from the Movies

Just like anything else in life, things can go wrong when dating and chatting online. Nevertheless, following certain rules can make dating chats more exciting and possibly safer. For instance:

  • Always start with a few flirtatious messages but do not signal that you are ready for some “crazy” stuff.
  • Respond quickly but do not make it look as if you are desperate for a partner or others would take advantage of it.
  • Spend more time texting but never share personal details a bit too early in the conversation. 
  • Try online dating sites where you take your security seriously and even screen members to ensure they are real – it is critical when discussing gay dating.
  • Try a video chat to ensure you have found the right person before meeting in person.


Dating can be exciting or terrifying, but no matter how it goes, there are always going to be nuances that do not make it into the movies. It would be great if movies portrayed dating as it actually is rather than as a romantic fairytale or an unforgettable nightmare. But do not let movies decide how online dating will unfold for you – go ahead and check it out yourself!

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