Best Documentary Movies Every Student Must See

Best Documentary Movies Every Student Must See
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Student life is the best time to explore the world, learn how it works and what you can personally do to keep it running.

Too overloaded with college assignments and studying? Decided to hire an edit my paper service to do your writing assignments for you and now have free time for leisure? For those who are not sure what to watch today – a feature film or a funny cartoon, we offer the third option – popular science documentaries. They are both interesting and informative. Check out this list, choose the documentary you would like to see, get your snacks, and enjoy your movie night!

The Story of 1, 2005

Great Britain

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How was the simple “1” able to help people build cities and the greatest empires? How did it inspire the great minds of our humanity? What role did the “1” play in the emergence of money? And how, when combined with the unknown “0”, did it begin to rule the world? Renowned historian Terry Jones will embark on an interesting and entertaining journey where he will try to learn the unique story of the emergence and prosperity of the simplest number in our world.

Incredible Human Machine, 2007


Our body is an incredible mechanism successfully operating at its usual rhythm or even under extraordinary conditions. The movie will take you on an amazing journey, getting to the secrets of the daily wonders of the human organism and tracing how ten thousand eye blinks, twenty thousand breaths, and one hundred thousand heartbeats occur in 24 hours.

Journey to the Edge of the Universe, 2008

United Kingdom, United States

Journey to the Edge of the Universe is an excellent, very interesting, and fascinating film about the structure of our Universe, its mysteries and secrets, supported by excellent, bright, juicy, and beautiful graphics. Of particular interest in this movie is the structure of the narrative. Beginning with our solar system, you will travel through trillions of light-years back to the origins of our universe to the time of the so-called Big Bang. Some of the facts are fictional and created to make the viewer more comprehensible, but they don’t spoil the overall picture in the slightest.

Oceans, 2009

UK, Switzerland, Spain, USA, UAE

This documentary was directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Clouseau. Here the viewer also sees something that few people have the opportunity to see in real life – a completely different habitat, one might even say a different universe that exists side by side with our own – the depths of the seas and oceans.

Why do we dream, 2009

United Kingdom

Everyone has dreams or had them at least once. Where do they come from? What meaning do they have? Why do we dream? What do people and science know about dreams? Dreams are not just fantasies, visions. They play a huge role in our lives, affecting our memories, our learning abilities, our psyche, and even our health.

Home, 2009


This documentary is recommended by probably all CertifiedWriters from the research companies. The moviemakers have been visiting 53 countries for 18 months. The film is based on the tens of thousands of pictures and terabytes of video taken there. So much time they spent shooting from the air with a high-resolution camera. It is worth saying that such countries as China and Saudi Arabia banned filming from the air and most shots taken in India were confiscated.

Life Cycles, 2010


“Life Cycles” is about the amazing story of bicycles from “creation” to “death”. An aesthetically attractive journey through forests, deserts, fields, cities, and factories.

Ancient Worlds, 2010

United Kingdom

The makers of the documentary film “Ancient Worlds” (BBC) have given viewers a wonderful opportunity to take part in a fascinating and exciting journey into the ancient eras when the first civilizations were just beginning to emerge. All states and religious views were then in their infancy. The journey will begin in the city of Uruk in southern Iraq, then continue to Syria, Turkey, Egypt, and also Greece.

Chemistry. A Volatile History, 2010

United Kingdom

An unusual facet of our world’s history is that of the chemical elements, full of explosions, compounds, and decays. They are what people can see, eat and smell. They are the soil and the sea, the rivers, and the buildings. They are the tiny bricks of the great edifice called Earth. And it’s about their global and small achievements that Jim Al-Khalili, professor of physics theory, will tell the story of the discovery of the elements and the history of ordering them into a table in three issues.

Tomorrow’s World, 2010

United Kingdom

A film in the science fiction genre. One of the inherent dimensions of Earth is time. The world is changing all the time. Both our planet and its inhabitants are changing every second. The authors are trying to predict how people and our Earth may change in hundreds and thousands of years. How can the rapid development of robots and artificial intelligence affect us? Should we imagine?

Life in a Day, 2011


On July 24, 2010, thousands of people from around the world submitted video clips of their lives on YouTube. They became participants in the “Life in One Day” project – a historic experiment to create a documentary about one day in the life of the planet.

Earth’s Super Achievements, 2012

United Kingdom

A movie about human activities that are changing the look of our planet. There are three episodes in the series and each is a logical continuation of the previous one. The first story is about human construction activities, the second is about the ability to travel. In the final film, the author reflects on what could be done to feed seven billion people in modern conditions of technologization.

These documentaries will expand your horizons and general knowledge. It’s better to watch them with your friends, so you could discuss them later.

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