And Just Like That: “Sex and the City” returns

Ladies and gentlemen, (well, mostly ladies) Your favorite series Sex and the City by HBO is back with a bang with its much-awaited sequel, “And Just Like That”. Aren’t you just jumping with joy? We know you are!

The series is supposed to be based on 10 episodes and is coming back with the original cast including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon. And no, Kim Catrall will not be making a comeback as she had made it clear a while ago that she doesn’t want to as she has had multiple bad encounters with some of the co-stars. 

Rumors about the comeback of another season started flaring up last December and then were followed up with intriguing Instagram posts by the cast members in January and subsequent months. The release date is yet to be announced but there is no doubt that the new Sex and the City is going to be back sooner rather than later. 

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The new season is going to focus on the three friends navigating their lives and their friendships in their 50 and Catrall’s absence has been fitted in like a bitter reality of life where some friendships may stand the test of time while others slowly fade away as differences arise in the way lives are lived. 

There is no shying when we say that this was one of the most revolutionary shows in the late 1990s with four young women in their 30s talking openly about sex, feminism and other issues women felt were so taboo to discuss. Their sheer audacity (in a good way) and bubbly demeanors are what made these girls so famous among the women and the young generation of the time. Sex and the City by HBO was and is a masterpiece that will be with us for decades to come. 

What We Know So Far

Here are some tidbits that we’ve scouted out for you. *Spoiler Alert*

The Pandemic will Get a Mention 

Parker exclusively mentioned that the pandemic in New York will be part of the storyline because the state was so badly hit by it and that’s where the girls live. It will explore how the quarantine touched their friendships. 

Some Cameos

A little birdie told us that Carrie’s lovely assistant played by Jennifer Hudson is looking forward to another great cameo in this series as well. 

What About Samantha?

We all know that no one can replace Kim Catrall but what happens to her character, does the pandemic take her? Does she leave the country? Unfortunately, it’s not as black and white as that, but there won’t be a fourth character as the makers have already mentioned numerous times before. 

Smith Jerrod Isn’t Coming Back 

Just like Samantha, her love interest won’t make a comeback to the new Sex and the City either. Though we all know we will miss his cute face for sure. 

We’ll See Some Aidan Action 

In April 2021, the actor hinted that he will be in some of the episodes of And Just Like That. No other cast member or producer backed this fact but we do hope it’s not fiction. 

Mr. Big is Back Too

Although Chris Noth felt like he had nothing more to offer to the iconic character of Mr.Big. His appearance in the series was confirmed by him in February 2021. Oh, we do love dear Mr.Big and the new Sex and the City would be so incomplete without his character. This is why we are glad he is coming back to the show. 

More Men are Expected 

More men are expected to join the cast this time around. This will make things even more interesting for our 3 lead ladies, won’t they? 

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Well. there you have it. We are super excited to see the amazing cast of Sex and the City, And Just Like That come to life on the screen as they play our favorite characters once again. We’re interested to see how 2021 suits these characters and what major changes they’re experienced in the past decades.

Happy watching fans!

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