Amazing Video Games That Are Originally Based on TV Shows

Amazing Video Games That Are Originally Based on TV Shows

TV shows have been a constant source of inspiration for the gaming industry to experiment and innovate. Talking of the genre distribution, you can relish adventure, role-play, action, and everything in between in these TV series gaming titles. Pulling off the popularity quotient, such video games have always enjoyed a welcome acceptance from fans and critics. After all, you would love to see a gaming avatar of your favorite TV series character, isn’t it? The following article discusses some amazing video game titles derived from TV series.

Amazing Video Games Derived from Your Favorite TV Series

Developing video games from the storylines of popular TV series is a tried and tested experiment of the gaming industry. The strategy shows immediate results, with the most significant effect on sales and revenue generation. Moving ahead, let us have a look at some of the best video games crafted on the lines of TV series, in what follows next:

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The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Topping the list is this vibrant, classy, and expansive recreation of the city of Springfield. The popularity of the series made the game a welcome hit on the PS 2 platform. Being a Simpsons fan, you are going to love every bit of this beautiful and exciting game.

Entering the city, you will come across familiar locations as depicted in the series. The memorable characters, rib-crashing jokes, and a host of incredible cars; all are nostalgic to the series. The major highlights of the game are its over-the-top humor and unique art style.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

The Star Trek series needs no introduction in the realm of space-centered TV releases. The storyline is well adapted by Ubisoft to launch a gaming recreation. The gameplay takes you on a space adventure to explore a parallel world.

You are tasked with combating aliens and rescuing the needy. There are challenges of leading a team, where you need to handle and direct a messy group of crew members. The final task is to man a starship’s bridge, that you can accomplish while enjoying the best VR adventure with friends.

The major appeals of this space journey are the amazing style of interaction between the players, crew members, and the ship. The graphics, background score, and adventure take you back to the power-packed episodes of the original show.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Entering the gaming world with a superhero theme, this game takes the elements of humor and characterization from its parent show. The game tries to present the animated entertainer in a new avatar among fans and critics.

If you are a reference-seeking hardcore fan, the game has a host of elements from the show to satisfy your quest. Adding on, the art direction bears a close connection with the show’s visual style, which excels in creating a nostalgic effect.

The gameplay has an over-the-top narrative that you can conveniently fit into any episode of the show. The crude element of humor portrayed by the characters brings an odd sense of comfort to the loyal fans of the series.

The Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead is a perfect match for admirers of horror gaming. The game explores the different elements of its critically acclaimed parent series in several ways. The creative and unique presentation style makes this game a treat for the fans of the Walking Dead franchise.

This is a magnificent title that takes you on a compelling journey of an emotional roller coaster. Ahead of this, you are exposed to a series of phenomenal elements that remind you of the show and comics. The characters, settings, and storylines perfectly capture the brutally dark tone with the bleak narrative and atmosphere.

Lost: Via Domus

The craze and popularity of Lost as a show are well-known. The high-end drama in the life of a poster boy was successful enough in capturing the audience’s attention. The love for the show inspired Ubisoft to launch its gaming version as a revenue experiment.

The gameplay is pure nostalgia for the TV series, with iconic music cues and reflecting elements. The current updates have also incorporated the legendary atmospheres, with campsite exploration from the 1st and 2nd seasons.

The mysterious jungles and other faithfully recreated locations are a visual and nostalgic treat for loyal fans of the show. The challenge to escape the Black Smoke Monster adds elements of curiosity and adventure to the gameplay.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds

Bringing a decent adaptation of its parent show, this game features some of the most famous playable characters from the series. Not to forget, Spike is the unanimously loved protagonist,who is the pivot behind the game’s immense popularity.

The star attractions of the gaming version are its quippy, childish humor, together with rushed and concise gameplay. You will thoroughly enjoy the escapades of Bunny as she kicks off her enemies into a pool of dust.

The game derives all the major locations and characters from the TV show, which are a treat to watch and play with. You can even relate the storyline to some particular favorite episode, as there are many instances to get the nudge.

24: The Game

This game is better known for its element of an oddity in a parallel world. Set in the 24-universe, the gameplay is an exact recreation of its parent series. The game does not have a 24-hour quest but demonstrates the elements of urgency and intensity in the true sense.

As a player, you are promised enough excitement through action-packed shootouts, impressive car chases, and stealth sections. Everything is clubbed to resemble the amazing TV series in the perfect sense. The emergent gameplay and dialogue options generate a more authentic portrayal.

The game excels in grabbing attention with its unbeatable charm and ambition in a huge amount. The exquisite detailing speaks of remarkable cinematography that keeps you glued to the gameplay screen.

The gaming industry has been quite successful in maintaining the craze of popular TV series through their excellent gaming adaptations. Look through the above list to find your favorite!

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