5 Favorite Stoner Movies of All Time

5 Favorite Stoner Movies of All Time
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If you want your stash to be at total capacity, consider growing some feminized cannabis seeds. Sidestepping the issue of raising unproductive male plants leads to bumper hauls of bud, perfect for watching the best weed movies.

6 Great flicks to watch while high

While streaming services like Netflix have some fantastic shows to watch while high, sometimes the classics need revisiting.

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Take five minutes, get comfortable, and read about these beloved pieces of stoner cinema. The following six flicks are the perfect accompaniment to some top weed shared with friends or enjoyed alone.

1. Up In Smoke (1978)

Up In Smoke is the cinematic debut of iconic counterculture duo Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. Many consider this movie the starting point for the 420 genre, and it’s on many tokers’ lists of top 10 stoner movies.

Chong plays the role of Man, a perpetual slacker who gets kicked out of his home by his conservative parents. He finds himself hitchhiking on the freeway, where Marin’s character, Pedro, picks him up.

Together, the duo embarks on a pot-fuelled adventure across the United States and Mexico, with hilarious results. Along the way, they encounter other stoners, police, and even drive a van made entirely of weed.

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

In this cinematic masterpiece, Stanley Kubrick brings Arthur C. Clarke’s landmark novel to the big screen. Marking a shift in the genre toward more thoughtful, serious sci-fi, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a mind-bending, trippy tour de force.

The plot centers around humanity’s attempts to unravel an alien mystery. Following the clues, a ship controlled by an AI pilot called HAL-9000 makes for the outer planets. At their destination, events spiral out of control as HAL begins behaving increasingly erratically.

Kaleidoscopic visuals and an uncannily realistic portrayal of life in space make this a top stoner movie for sci-fi fans.

3. Pineapple Express (2008)

Pineapple Express was a breakout hit upon its release in 2008. The movie stars James Franco and Seth Rogen as drug dealer Saul and his customer Dale.

After taking a smoke break after work, Dale inadvertently witnesses a murder. In his haste to leave the scene, he throws out an unfinished joint of Pineapple Express, which the killers trace back to Saul.

The pair are forced to go on the run, resulting in a hilarious comedy of errors. Rogen and Franco are perfectly cast as the hapless duo, permanently stoned and out of their depth. Perhaps Dale should have grown his own weed after a visit to the best online seed bank.

4. Friday (1995)

The first flick in the Friday franchise stars Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. Despite terrible reviews at release, it’s since cultivated a reputation as one of the best movies about getting high.

Ice Cube puts in double duty as writer and lead, playing LA layabout Craig. Tucker takes on the role of Craig’s friend and dealer, Smokey. After the two smoke an entire batch of buds instead of selling them, they draw the ire of their supplier Big Worm.

He informs them that if they don’t pay up in 24 hours, there’ll be fatal consequences for Craig and Smokey. With this threat hanging over their heads, they set out to gather the money over the course of one seriously stressful Friday.

5. Half Baked (1995)

This 90s classic is one of the best stoner movies of all time. Drawing from his own experiences, Dave Chappelle penned this gut-busting comedy while also starring in the lead role.

The capable cast includes Jim Breuer, Harland Williams, Clarence Williams III, and a cameo from Snoop Dogg. The movie kicks off without delay as janitor Thurgood, played by Chappelle, discovers his workplace is testing Maui Wowie.

He steals an envy-inducing block of weed from storage and takes it home to smoke with his three best buds. After a few bong hits, the munchies kick in, necessitating a run to the store.

One dead police horse later, the meek kindergarten teacher Kenny finds himself locked up. The remaining three friends hatch a plan to sell the weed from Thurgood’s work to bail out Kenny.

6. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

This hilarious flick immortalizes every stoner’s quest to cure their munchies. John Cho and Kal Penn play the titular Harold and Kumar as they embark on a mission to satiate their marijuana-induced hunger.

The two blaze up to relieve some pressure from their demanding daily lives. However, a commercial for White Castle burgers sets their stomachs rumbling, and they take a quick trip to the nearest outlet.

What follows is a series of wacky encounters and obstacles that the pair must overcome, all while being very high. The mythical White Castle remains frustratingly out of reach as they encounter one problem after another, including an angry, rabid raccoon.

Are recent releases not hitting the spot? Watch Harold & Kumar with friends for a rip-roaring time, but remember to stock up on snacks beforehand!

Lights, cannabis, (in)action!

The best weed movies aren’t limited to one genre, but most tend to be comedies. Gather your pals, pack a bowl, settle in front of the TV, and enjoy yourself. Sharing a movie and homegrown marijuana never gets old.

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