4 TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Winding down after a long day by watching your favorite TV show can be relaxing. It’s even more thrilling if the show is a little funny, educational, and motivational. But on some days, you can scroll through Netflix shows and fail to find something that captures your attention.

If you ever find yourself in that position, don’t switch off your TV. There are lots of educational shows and docuseries to fill your time. Such shows will keep your creativity flowing and give you ideas on how you can take your business to the next level. Here are some of the best TV shows entrepreneurs can watch on Netflix.

1. Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a brilliant documentary series taking a swipe at corporate fraud and corruption in the global economy. The episodes go deep to uncover scandals in the world’s giant corporations, such as  HSBC, Volkswagen, and pharmaceutical bigwigs.

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The episodes focus on different cases through interviews and footage to highlight how corporations use greed, fraud, and exploitation to achieve success. Such malpractices include money laundering by cartels, cheating car manufacturers, tricksters who give payday loans.

Scams featured in the auto industry focus more on the manufacturers and dealerships, not on the lenders. If you ever want to get out of a business fix, you can always find quick loans by typing “auto title loans near me” on search engines. Dirty Money is an enthralling documentary series that will leave you charged and pissed off but also offer valuable entrepreneurial lessons.

2. Broken

Broken features standalone investigative episodes diving deep into consumerism and product manufacturing trends. Each episode highlights how cultural forces influence the demand for some of the most dangerous consumer products. Companies use unethical manufacturing processes and corrupt marketing tactics. They promote counterfeits and convince the masses of the scarcity of genuine products.

There’s more focus on cosmetics, plastics, e-cigarettes, and furniture industries. Broken is a terrifying yet fascinating series painting a picture of how globalization, brand desire, and consumer cultures shape the marketing world. Here, you’ll learn a critical lesson about how deceptive marketing is used by businesses to entice unsuspecting consumers.

3. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a software magnate and one of the most successful global entrepreneurs. Inside Bill’s Brain offers viewers a glimpse of his life story, his thinking, and how he became the world’s richest man.

The three-part documentary series will help you value his traits, inspire you, and give you a different view of doing business–like how unhappy customers can help you improve. The series features stories from his former and current co-workers, wife, two sisters, friends, and the voice of Paul Allen—the late Microsoft co-founder.

4. Suits

Suits is a fictional story of a law associate—a talented college dropout working in a law firm despite having no law degree. The fictional law firm in New York City has 2 main lawyers: Mike and Harvey. They demonstrate how confidence and boldness can take you far once people believe in you.

Suits uses humor to depict how people deal with challenging situations in corporate settings to succeed. The vital lesson for entrepreneurs is the importance of maintaining solid ethical standards, perseverance, and good communication skills. You’ll learn how to boost your negotiation skills and navigate challenging corporate situations.

About The Author:

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